Clubhouse is Here to Surprise

Some sounds are inextricably linked to certain moments in my summers. Rap is for basketball courts, parties, and those hazy nights spent wandering about the city. R&B is for drives back home. Indie is for thinking about girls, sometimes. Pop, indie-pop and the like is for sunny days spent at the beach. On hot and clear-skied days like those, the soft, glad, bounce of those songs makes it impossible not to smile. 

If you think you might agree, then I’m pleased to introduce you to Clubhouse. Active since 2015, Clubhouse is an independent and upcoming band from Columbus, Ohio. The band recently caught a break when their song “Weekend” was added to a number of popular Spotify playlists like “Good Vibes,” “Lorem,” and “Fresh Finds” for pop. The song—along with the rest of Clubhouse’s music—has been racking up streams ever since. 

Though I’m not usually a fan of Spotify’s algorithm—probably because of my consistently atrocious Discover Weekly—I have to give it ups for putting this song on, because “Weekend” is exactly the kind of music that I think of when I remember my bright, warm days at the beachside. Pleasant and upbeat, “Weekend” bobs through its three-minute runtime with a precise selection of sounds that wonderfully evoke the lighthearted feeling of July and August. This bounce is emphasized by the song’s understated but cheerful vocal performance, which (besides being endlessly catchy) complements its sunny instrumentation by describing the capricious nature of summer love:

“Let me make you smile, baby all night
Fuck around maybe get stoned
You know that we can do it every weekend
But you just wanna talk on the low.”

However, don’t let the replayability of this song keep you from the rest of Clubhouse’s music. Though their catalogue is surprisingly small (nine songs and some remixes), it’s strong and admirably diverse. “Summerfields” is perhaps the release most similar to their latest, but the band also shines on the dreamy “Lucky Soul,” which is delightfully reminiscent of currents-era Tame Impala, and even displays a talent for techno-funk leaning sounds on “Haunt You” and their song “Kyra.” In fact, as unlikely as it sounds, it appears that the flawlessly breezy “Weekend” is their first foray into indie-pop altogether. 

“With a unique penchant for making excellent forays into unexpected stylistic territory, Clubhouse is a band that seems to be full of good surprises.”

With the mounting success of their song “Weekend” and a unique penchant for making excellent forays into unexpected stylistic territory, Clubhouse is a band that seems to be full of good surprises. Still yet to release any kind of project, the polish of their music shows an enormous amount of potential—and though it’s impossible to know what direction Clubhouse will go in next, it’s obvious that Clubhouse knows what it’s doing.


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