With “Know You”, Dreamer Boy is back, bluer than ever

Hailing from Nashville, Zach Taylor aka Dreamer Boy, is one of the favorite artists I found this summer. Stumbling upon his track “Puppy Dog” through a random Spotify Radio — I was instantly hooked, and the song soundtracked many a lazy summer day over these past few months. His brand of “cowboy pop” is a fresh take on the usual indie I’m into, and came at a time when I was sorely needing new music.

With that in mind, I was extremely excited to listen to more of his music. A quick browse through 2018’s “Love, Nostalgia” (and many playlist adds) later, I was left wanting more, disappointed that he hadn’t released anything in 2020.

However, the time has finally come! His new song, “Know You” just came out. The track is unlike anything he’s made before, featuring dreamy synths and chopped vocals from producer Bobby Knepper give it a decidedly danceable groove. He hasn’t strayed too far from his signature cowboy pop sound, riffs of guitar weave in and out of the song. Perhaps my favorite part of the song however, is the songwriting and vocals. Dreamer Boy has a penchant for songwriting that is at once vivid and hazy, like something out of a dream you’re trying to write down before you forget it. The repeated refrain in the chorus is sticky sweet and has been stuck in my head since release. Similarly the outro, whilst just being a single line repeated over, is the perfect ending. 

The way Dreamer Boy songs capture specific feelings and moments is my favorite thing about them. “Know You” is no different, the ultimate dose of friendship and summer nostalgia packed into 3 blissful minutes, only made better through its homemade quarantine video, which you can watch below.


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