Track Review: “Lost in Time” by Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral is simping. His newest song “Lost in Time” is an R&B-inspired ballad, and one that I was curious about for a couple reasons: specifically because (1) R&B is a new style for Wifi, and (2) because the snippet actually sounded good. For those that don’t follow Wifi, he’s been making a marked effort to master a more melodic vocal style since 2019—maybe even since his 2018 Album Ethernet. It really hasn’t done much for me—too many of the songs rely far too heavily on autotune, and early forays into the style like 2018’s “Suicide Note” just made me want to write my own. I did, however, enjoy efforts like the girl-inspired “WYA, pt. 2,” where Wifi leaves his voice mostly unaffected. This is why I was hopeful for “Lost in Time”: Wifi’s voice sounded clear and natural against the snippet’s understated R&B instrumental, and I was eager to hear him finally accomplish the syrupy love song that he’s been attempting for so long now. 

Unfortunately, though the song isn’t bad, the truth is that Wifi is just better at rapping than singing. “Lost in Time” fails to be the engaging R&B ballad that it’s meant to be; this is because it’s all crescendo and no climax. Take, for example, the sixty-five second mark: the chorus is rising, the drums kick in, Wifi hits a high note—and suddenly everything evaporates. Wifi’s falsetto, admirable but strained, doesn’t have the power to adequately cut over the song’s already gentle instrumental and the clap, which was supporting his voice and building energy, stops. The chorus ends. “Lost in Time” fails to reach a peak, yes, but it actually does one worse: it dips and flatlines on its way to failure.

Make no mistake: Wifi is more than capable of making love songs. His song “Wya?” with Ugly God is the biggest song he’s put out and has one of his strongest choruses (as well as the best verse that Ugly God has ever written). His 2016 cut “Yellow,” written to his ex-girlfriend, is full of heart-wrenching quatrains:

And now it kills me inside 
But I stay quiet I can croft the sadness
As long as you happy I'm vibin' as long as you smilin' I'm breathin'
And I know I can't be your keeper.”

Compared to the contents of Wifi’s new ballad, however (“Don’t you know I need you? Did I just rain on your parade?”), “Lost in Time” just sounds goofy in comparison. And even with the emotive edge that singing grants a love song, Wifi’s singing (though commendable and steadily improving) is no match for the rap-driven inflections of his younger self. Wifi can sing, yes—he, for example, sounds especially good on the bridge for “Lost in Time” following Coi Leray (who’s feature is solid)—but the disappointment of the song is proof that he can’t yet sing well enough to forego his rapping altogether.


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