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Do you want to start off with a little bit of an introduction?

I’m Mazie. I just turned 21 and I’m an indie pop artist. I’m currently living in LA. I have a single called “Sippy Cup” coming out soon. Uh, that’s all I got. 

Straight off the top with the exclusive!


Your song, “i think i wanna be alone” is my personal favorite. What does that song mean to you? What was it like making it? 

So my producer and I, we had made “no friends”, and we hadn’t anticipated it like doing as well as it did right off the bat. We were like, “We need to get in the studio!” and it was just peak quarantine and then also just abysmal in the world in general. 

I feel like everyone’s mental health is just suffering a lot right now and we were just having a discussion about that in the studio and then “i think i wanna be alone”, came up and it just kind of spiraled from there. 

Your songs in general, at least the two that I’ve heard –  they’re not typical pop songs, but they’re also not super off the wall and left field either. That’s my favorite kind of music! My favorite line is “I’m manic pixie dreaming about being alone” – I love how self deprecating it is. How do you make those songwriting choices? 

I feel like all of my music definitely takes a very extreme mood or thought that I have and kind of makes fun of it. I like making fun of myself a lot. It’s very self deprecating. 

Thank you for pointing it out! I hope it comes across in the music ’cause everything is supposed to be self deprecating – just making fun of myself and “manic pixie dreaming by myself”, is just exactly that, you know? 

What was the process of making the video like? 

That was the craziest thing I’ve ever done. 

It took us like 5 days straight of living in my producers basement. Just being like “what are we gonna do?” *Laughs*. None of us had ever made a music video before so it was half shot on like my dad’s DSLR and an iPhone and we were just constructing the set and painting until like 4 in the morning. 

There was a lot of Taco Bell. There was a lot of caffeine. It was disgusting, but it was so fun. It was just me and three of my closest friends.  

It was so sick – if no one had told me, you couldn’t tell it was made with an and a DSLR. 

That’s generous. I feel like you totally can, but thank you.  

And then the song itself, some of the production choices – there’s a party horn in the middle, there’s your voice doing effects. I just love that, talk about those choices. 

Definitely. So a little background of my producer, his name is Elie Rizk. He is my favorite person ever. We’ve been working together since I was 15, so it’s been like 6 years now. So I would say we know each other very well creatively, and he just knew how much I love The Beatles. I specifically love the Sergeant Pepper album the most. I just love how crazy the elements get. So we both love that album, so we were like, “How do we push it? How do we start putting random ass stuff in this music and make it really fun?”

With the horn and all of those effects we were just going through samples. We were dying laughing. We were like, there’s no way we can put this in a song and then we just did. 

But yeah, there is a sort of DIY energy throughout all of your music. But it still sounds professional, if that makes sense?

Definitely, so I along with my producer, really love just sort of independent artists like building that stuff from scratch. I’m very lucky and that I have a producer who is at the caliber at which he is. Where it’s like we can be independent ’cause he’s that freaking good so we don’t know. I don’t have to outsource like production somewhere else. It’s just the two of us.  

We’re just very actively trying to build this artist project on our own with our two other friends. So I put music out under Goodboy, which is this independent label. Yeah, we’ve just been really going for it as independently as we can

I also learned you were a classically trained opera and jazz singer? How does that affect your music?

Honestly, it kind of doesn’t. I’m reversing a lot of that training to make my voice a little more pop oriented ’cause it was so heavy for a while.

I did classical voice for about 10 years since I was like 10 years old and then also jazz. So I’ve been a vocalist for a very long time, but this is like the first time I’ve really honed in on the pop side and less so on the trained side. 

So it’s like unlearning, in a weird way. 

I know you had prior EPs and singles. What would a 15 year old Mazie think if she heard the new songs in the production and the reaction to them? 

Oh my. Gosh, she would be probably horrified. She would probably be like “what is going on here?” Like “What happened to you? This is not the music we make.” Um, yeah. 15 year old me would be very confused.

But I would be so psyched at the same time. I would be like, “Alright. This is kinda crazy.”

You said you were surprised to see the success of “no friends”. Explain how exactly that happened? 

We just just put it out. And then all of a sudden, you know Spotify resonated with it. Like getting onto editorial playlists in general, is such a hard thing to do, and we just had no expectations for the release whatsoever. 

We were on Lorem. Then it just really took off from there like crazy. So I am very humbled by that and I’m still amazed on a daily basis that people are listening to it. 

Lorem is one of my favorite playlists, too.

It was crazy seeing myself sandwiched between people I adore, seeing myself next to Still Woozy, it kind of broke me a little bit. I was like, “I don’t understand how this is possible, but I’ll take it.” So thank you to Lizzy [Szabo, curator of Lorem] for that.

You mentioned your contemporaries – but growing up, who were some of your influences? 

Musically speaking, Oh my gosh, I wish I had a cool answer to this. I kind of don’t. It was One Direction. I was obsessed with One Direction.  

That’s a pretty cool answer nowadays at least. 

Yeah, it’s flipped back around. I was just a huge fangirl for One Direction and then when I started getting in the studio I started getting exposed to The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes and Jack White and I loved that so much. But my one true love is One Direction for sure. 

And then would contrastingly, what do you think is influencing your music now as compared to then? 

Definitely a lot of psychedelic rock. The Beatles, especially like when I got to college that was I was just really exposed to that through my own research. I love being able to push the envelope sonically in terms of pop music, so that’s why I just adore The Beatles so much. 

Talk a little bit more about the choice to take your older music down and then sort of present yourself again as an artist to the world. 

I feel like I was making music to make music and put it out just to put it out. After that came out I spent like 2 years really focusing on artistry ’cause I feel like I wasn’t focused on that at all. The stuff before – it wasn’t impressive. It wasn’t unique in any way. I hated that so much ’cause I feel like if you’re making music and you should be aiming to make something that nobody has ever heard before. Not saying that my music sounds like that right now, but I would like to get to that point. So when we made “no friends”, I was like “this is it.” Let’s just take everything down and completely start over again. 

If you could put your music in any movie, what movie would it be?

Now watch me forget every A24 movie I’ve ever watched. OK, I have to say Lady Bird because I’m that bitch and probably “i think i wanna be alone”

When was the last time you called your mom? 

Literally right before this.  

So you’re not lying in your songs, that’s cool. 

No no. I talked to my mom a lot.  

Who’s your favorite member of One Direction? 

Harry Styles, Harry Styles. No question.

Who is your dream collaboration? 

I love Ashe’s music. 

Crab cakes or Smith Island cakes?

Oh, definitely Smith Island cakes. Yeah, I’m not a crab cake fan.  

TikTok or Vine? 

TikTok. I get it like I was technically around for the Vine days but I’m on TikTok non stop.

Right answer.

Thanks so much for hanging out!

Thank you!

Stream Mazie’s new song “Sippy Cup” below!


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