Oscar Welsh Is Making Music On His Own Terms

Every so often, I’ll get obsessed with an artist from the UK making some sweet indie music. From the Arctic Monkeys to Rex Orange County and everything in between, it always happens every few years. Oscar Welsh is no exception, hailing from Suffolk (yes, Ed Sheeran went to his primary school), he’s been making songs in his bedroom that have found worldwide appeal. I made a video about Oscar on TikTok, it went viral, he reached out and said thanks, I shamelessly asked for an interview and here we are. Enjoy!

How do you feel? Now that Avery is out! 

Well, yeah, it’s the first song I’ve ever made that I actually like on the release date. I always hate it usually, but I don’t know what it is, Avery was the first one. 

It’s pretty significant in that way. I think part of it as well is the making of it – I got this money from YouTube and I was like “I’m gonna do what I want to do and what I want to do is I want a fucking puppy. I just wanna cuddle a little dog. *Laughs* 

I also wanted to talk about the songwriting in your music in general. I feel like there are phrases that stick out. “Avery” has “she said sincerity will never be half as fun as soaking sun”. “Get Yourself To Sleep” has “she was in the back with a cigarette”.  

That’s really funny, I literally will have those random phrases and I’ll find them somehow like “she was in the back with a cigarette” is such a prime example. I came up with that and it just means nothing, right? 

Was she in the back with a cigarette? 

I don’t even know who she was! What I do is I just sit with the guitar and words will come out randomly and then suddenly it will make sense and it will be like a phrase that’s so nonsense, but it just makes sense. It’s so strange to me ’cause it’s almost like. I have no control over it.  

I mean, it sounds very cliche, but like the song kind of is somewhere and you just need to move it from not being heard yet into your laptop. I think it’s a bit of a weird way to look at it, but yeah, the way I see it. 

There’s a difference in production on the new songThere’s a little sample and a vocoder. Talk about those choices. 

The way that I come up with new stuff — I think it was that Andrew Lloyd Webber he said “All music is just old music, recycled and made into something new.” Producers like J Dilla and Knxledge are my favorites and I think the oldest producers have created the coolest stuff, so to find new things, I definitely look like back in time, so “Avery” has a lot of twinkles, which is inspired by MF DOOM. 

When I think of Oscar Welsh, don’t necessarily think Stevie Wonder. But I know he’s one of your biggest inspirations.  

I had an old piano teacher who was really nice, but he was so mean to me. Just he made me feel so small but I miss him so much now because he got me on Stevie Wonder and he said, “All you listen to, Oscar, is new poppy shit music and you don’t realize how amazing people like some of these old Motown artists are”. And yeah, I really miss him.  

Like your own Mr. Miyagi, sort of. 

Yeah, right! 

Obviously you’ve been working on music for a while, your first song had a lot of attention. Do you think most musicians, even though they’re working on music, they release music and they have a bit of time to develop outside the spotlight? Do you think you have a different kind of pressure on you ’cause you have attention from the start? 

That’s an interesting question. One of those questions no other interviewer has asked. 

I’d say it’s probably nice because I kind of straight away, had the recognition and I know it can be quite difficult to – actually, no, no, no. Because there’s so many bad things that my head did because of it.  

I got way too cocky, that’s what happens. You get way too cocky about it. Yeah, and then my brain died because I just couldn’t come up with any music. I’d done Vernal, the first EP. 

But them, you should have been in my bedroom with me and seen me lose my mind ’cause I just couldn’t create anything.  

What really helped was when I went to go see my singing teacher and she just made me record myself and made me realize how bad I was at singing live. And that sparked the change. 

So yeah, there’s definitely problems. [Laughs

read that you do plan on moving to London eventually? What’s next for Oscar Welsh? 

I’d say what’s next is creating some stuff that’s more sustainable than my current singles. I spend so much time trying to make everything sound good nowadays. 

I’ll just be able to be really independent and that comes with the videos as well. If I can create independent videos I can just create this world where like everything is connected. 

You tend to do this thing where, like you’re preview a song on TikTok and gauge the reaction to it. What is TikTok like for musicians?  

I don’t know because sometimes I love it. Like I made this video that Brittany Broski put on her story, which was crazy- 

Shoutout Brittany Broski. 

Shoutout Brittany Broski! All of that was hilarious fun. And like I didn’t sell my soul in that video; I did what I loved doing.  

Other times I’ll post something which I think is amazing and it won’t blow up, and then I’ll hate the app for a few days. 

Apart from music, I know you’re quite into clothing. I really mess with the fact that you like showoff your friend’s brands. 

Yeah, on Instagram and stuff. Fashion is just so cool. Almost cooler than music in terms of almost just how nice everyone is to each other. Yeah, but like I’ve been thinking about doing my own thing. I wanna do some interesting stuff with it. I got some ideas coming. 

If you could put your music in any movie, what movie would you put it in and what’s on? 

Wolf of Wall Street like when Jordan Belfort is like losing his mind. 

Maybe he’s blasting “S.A.D” at that time.  

Is the dog named after the song Avery or is the song named after the dog Avery? 

Dog is named after the song. 

I know you had a lot of pets, what’s your favorite pet that you ever had? 

This is pretty funny. We had alpacas. 


Yeah, you have to have them in groups of two or they go nuts. But yeah, they were pretty cute! 

Awesome, we’re out of time, so I’ll end it here! Talk soon! 

Talk soon! 

Stream Avery below!


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